Thursday, August 8, 2013

Love and Toast Review

So I make a lot of my lotions and potions but it is always nice to support great earth friendly companies and treat yourself to something special. I have several indulgences of this sort and Love and Toast is a great one.
Not only do they make great products with pure and simple ingredients but they give back. Take a look at their mission statement.

Love and Toast has perfume, lotions, shampoo, chapstick, etc. I like the perfume well enough but it doesn't have great staying power. The chapstick I wouldn't splurge on but they do have great scents and taste. The products I love from this company are the lotions and butters. I have two right now.
Honey Nectar Lotion
The scent is not what I expected. It doesn't smell like that sweet honey that everyone is used to. Think the smell of raw honey versus the honey bear. At first this really disappointed me. I wanted that sweet milk and honey scent but this scent turns into a great base. After I wear it the smell almost turns into a vanilla. A gentle vanilla that blends really well with any perfume you choose.

Clementine Crush Lotion

Clementine Crush actually describes this scent really well. Fresh, light, and citrus.
I love these because a little bit goes a long way. Seriously, I used to much on one leg the first time I used it and it ended up being enough for my whole body. When I started to rub it in on my leg it was as though more magically started to appear. The smell is fresh and delicate. It absorbs really well into the skin and seems to hydrate for longer periods of time than a lot of other lotions.
One warning though. If you have animals they will lick this stuff off. I have heard of animals licking off lotion before but mine had never done it until Love and Toast. My mom's and sister's do the same thing.
One negative for me is the shape of the bottle. The packaging is cute and different but not so great for getting the last bit out of the bottle. You cant squeeze it like you can in a tube.
Check out their website love and toast.

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