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June 22, 2013

My Favorite Places - Stanton Home Furnishings in Virginia Highlands Atlanta

You know that happy feeling of finding a store that just suits you. It fits your personality and style. It gives you that surge of inspiration. Well thats what happened to me when I walked into Stanton Home Furnishings in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta.

What is even more amazing is that my husband loved the store, too. Somehow that store and not some designer we had to pay thousands of dollars to merge our style. It was amazing. I took some pictures of the some items we really loved and want to recreate for cheap. Because lets just say this store was NOT reasonably priced.

There also were some pillows that looked very familiar. 

I loved this fabric in pillows and may consider making some but I think it will be too much with the ottoman.

Which I still need to finish the other pillows so the couch doesnt look so bare but of course the sewing machine is on the fritz and I am too lazy to hand sew all of them.



June 12, 2013

Cheap Pillows to Update any Space

I decided to redo my décor. But buying new pillows and ottomans and comforters and furniture was out of the question. So I thought of budget friendly options. One of which was taking old pillows that I had and simply covering them in cheap fabric. These are two I have completed so far.
I went to a local fabric store and went to their basement. They sell remnants for 20%-70% off! I bought about 2 yards of two separate patterns. Definitely look for remnants sells. They can save you a ton on expensive, great quality fabric.
You will need:
30 or more push pins
sewing needle
Large spool of thread that matches your fabric
Old pillows
Sewing machine (not necessary but very helpful)
Simply turn the fabric with pattern facing towards you.
Put old pillow on top. Cut about an inch from the pillow all the way around.
Cut an identical piece of fabric. Make sure to line up the pattern.
Place the fabric pieces together. The first piece you cut still with the pattern towards you and the second piece with the pattern facing towards the work surface. Pin the edges together on three sides. Sew those three sides.
Once that is done turn it right side out and place the pillow inside. Sew up the forth side and voila. If there is an extra room or you want it more snug add batting before sewing the forth side.


June 3, 2013

Turn Dresser into a TV and entertainment stand

Have you ever wanted to spice up your living room with one of a kind pieces and not matchy matchy or that it just came out of a box. Just a few simple steps and you can have a one of a kind TV stand.
I am constantly looking for free pieces that I can make new and different. I found a French design dresser for free on Craigslist. I had broken drawers, sharpie "art", and believe it or not green icing on top. From a distance it looked fine and overall was in great condition.

A quick couple of coats of paint (Valspar Churchhill Hotel Vanilla), knocking out the first two drawers, and drilling holes in the back for ventilation and you have a totally different looking piece.



May 2, 2013

Salvage an Antique Table

I have this old antique table that has wonderful detail but was all banged up. So it needed a face lift.

So I went to one of my go to short cuts.
This stuff is amazing. Paint and Primer in one and skip the sanding!

Then add Valspar Summer Nights. I got a free sample size from Lowes:) and voila!

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