Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Inspirations

Ok, so we are looking to purchase a new home in the next several months hopefully and although that means a lot of work to put ours on the also means dreaming of how to decorate and make the new house our home.

So where to go for inspiration...Pinterest and Instagram of course! 

I follow cute puppies and kitties, gluten free, travel, and home accounts mostly on Instagram. When you like something on Instagram its easy to go back and look through them from your profile. Or if you have a clever app like Pocket you can organize images into it. But when I'm just scrolling in the morning to wake up I just tap it because that is all my brain can take that early. From my profile I go back and look at the pics I've liked and really look at the house pics with the sole thought of the future house. I pin, or Pocket, or screenshot my favs.

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Now comes getting all my thoughts for the new home in one space. This is when an oldie but a goodie comes into play, Pinterest. Pinterest is just the best. Forget "showhole", I pinhole. I can pin and look on Pinterest for hours. Not a brag just fact. I have gotten to where I limit myself and my longest indulgences are 30 minutes max.

Now, I double pin. I know seems redundant but it helps me pull my thoughts together.  I take my top picks  Pinterest and put them on a new board called something simple like, New House Inspiration. This helps me get through the clutter and when I go shopping or am trying to explain my vision I have it all in one spot. It's also easy to pin my top picks from Instagram and put them on this board. I can also add collaborators if I want to add my husband, which I did decide to do.

Some of my favorite inspiration

It's always been my dream to own a clawfoot bathtub. And ever since seeing Jenna Lyons' home in Domino magazine it became my dream to have a black clawfoot bathtub. This week's edition of Bring it ...:
Farmhouse fixer upper home tour with home decor/decorating ideas galore! Debbiedoo's:
White shaker style cabinetry with carrara marble counter top - by Rafterhouse.:
This easy modern DIY outdoor bench was made with $35 of materials - and uses no nails or screws! Looks just like a Williams Sonoma one for $1,400. Wouldn't this look great in your garden?:

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